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Ethan Cooley

Having never worked with a proofreader before, I can say that Callie exceeded all expectations. She went above and beyond to make sure the story was logical and call out anything that was confusing. I knew going in that having another Christian eye view my book would be very beneficial, and Callie didn't disappoint.


I absolutely loved when I got my proof copy of my book and was able to look through it and be confident that this is a book that had care and love put into it. I couldn't recommend Callie enough. She's awesome and deserves every penny.

Kio Lashei

I’m a first time author, and Callie saved my manuscript. Before hiring Callie, I paid an editor to correct my manuscript, which included proofreading and copyediting.

However, there were still errors in my manuscript once I got it back.

I didn’t want to pay for more editing, but I bit the bullet and hired Callie after finding her on Instagram and reading her Facebook reviews.

First of all, she offers to proofread and copyedit a small portion of your manuscript so that you can get an idea of her editing style. This also helps so that you’re not blindly hiring her. Not only did I like her editing style, I also liked how she left comments and asked questions so that I could clarify points in my manuscript.


And she’s also kind and sweet. I haven’t met her in person, but I was able to sense that she’s a good person who cares about her work.

She also delivered on her promises. She corrected my manuscript and sent it back to me, and then she did a second read through.

I’m actually excited now to share my error-free book with the world!

My only contention is that I didn’t hire Callie from the beginning. I’ll definitely work with Callie again, and I encourage you to work with her as well!

Thanks, Callie.

Angie Marie

Callie is brilliant! Her red pen is not at all like the one your middle school English teacher wielded. It is vigilant, yes, but ever-so-gentle. My book would not be what it is without her keen eye and careful scrutiny. Callie worked diligently to correct, cite, format and polish my manuscript.


Additionally, she offered encouragement and support along the way. Her communications throughout the process were both professional and friendly. She flexed with me, a first-time author, when I needed a little extra time or support. She also connected me with many other great professionals who became part of my team. I consider our work together to have been a divine appointment.


Immense gratitude for your heart and your craft, Callie!

George Cassar

What I liked most about Callie is her thoroughness in reviewing my book and her insightful recommendations.


Being that my booklet is on a Christian theme, being Christian herself, she was able to provide comments that I found helpful to bolster my message.


I would recommend her to everyone wanting a thorough proofread!

Kym Rupeiks

I hired a professional editor and then decided a final proof would be a good idea. I was right!


I was impressed with the number of errors she found. Callie went far beyond proofing and offered re-wording suggestions, formatting changes for word-clouds and figures, and even re-arranging paragraphs. She fact-checked my medical terms, author quotes, and referenced websites.



Leah Subak

If you are looking for someone to proofread your manuscript, I would highly recommend Proof Corrections by Callie. I would send another manuscript in a heartbeat. Callie was so easy to work with, very efficient, and responded well to inquiries and email. You always know where you stand with her.


After she proofread my manuscript utilizing her tried and true methods, I was very confident about the readiness of the manuscript. The finished product looked great and very professional. As someone new to the writing world and a Christian, I really wanted a like-minded person to lay eyes on the manuscript since there was faith-based content in the book. Callie can be trusted and is a professional who is engaged and who cares.

Angelica Gunn

Callie is AMAZING! From start to finish, she was extremely pleasant and helpful. All of my questions were answered, and if she didn’t know or specialize in certain things outside of proofreading, she gave me references to get the help I needed.


As a first-time author, self-publishing on my own, I was extremely nervous about this entire process. Callie eased my nerves and helped me perfect my manuscript in no time.

Her services are efficient, met my timeline, and they are affordable! Definitely a plus that she is Christian, and she definitely helped guide me into completing a great prayer journal for women. I am truly excited about the next steps of publishing and printing and getting my book out there, and I greatly appreciate Callie and her services.


I will definitely use her for my next book and refer others to her! If you’re considering her services, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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