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Here are a few resources to help Christian authors launch their books into the world. 

Ariel Lee logo: a hand over words

Ariel Lee
Author VA

No one ever mentioned that being an author meant being a business too. Between marketing, ARC outreach, newsletters, blogs and everything else, you might find yourself out of time for what you really want to do: write. As a personal virtual assistant, I help you with the extraneous tasks so you can focus on what matters most to you: your creative process.


If you'd like to chat about a project and get an estimate, email

Ines Book Formatter

I help self-published authors format their books for both print & eBook. I have a professional background and education in publishing, and my purpose is to ensure your manuscript will be formatted to represent your creative vision, while also matching specific publishing standards.

Working with a book formatter is for you if:

  • You need someone else to handle all the printer’s custom specifications.

  • You’re tired of stressing and having to figure out everything on your own.

  • You just want the interior of your book to look good without feeling like the process is a nightmare.

  • You’d rather outsource the formatting and spend that time + energy on marketing your book.

Visit my website for more info.

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48 Hr. Books logo: a stack of books beside the words "Get your books printed fast and easy."

48 Hour Books
Book Printer 

At 48 Hour Books, we print books unbelievably fast. But that’s just part of who we are. We love helping self-publishers through the process of printing a book.

Helping you achieve your dream of becoming a published author is why we do what we do.

We offer formatting, cover design, and printing. We also have lots of info for the first-time self-publisher. 

Pearl Christine 
Daisies & Design Co.

Daisies & Design Co. is a small business that specializes in creating beautiful and aesthetic blogs for authors, bloggers, and small businesses, with the goal of keeping prices affordable yet still providing clients with a beautifully designed website.


Visit Daisies & Design Co. to book your website design. 

daisies & design co. logo: hand-drawn daisies over words
EndeavorInk logo: words and a feather

Katya Fishman

Katya teaches nonfiction authors how to self-publish their books the right way! She's adamant that a book should never look self-published and should be able to stand up against books published by the big five publishers.


As a publishing consultant, she guides her authors through every step of the book production process. From providing access to award-winning vendors to creating a customized marketing plan, and everything in between, she shepherds her authors to success.


Click here to get an idea of the kinds of tasks she accompanies her authors through.


Check out her website or email her directly at

Now that you have some amazing resources, let's talk about proofreading.

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