Proof Corrections by Callie

Professional proofreading for novels, memoirs,
and any book to be self-published.

About Me

My name is Callie Walker. 

I abhor misspelled words and bad grammar.

When "their" is used instead of "there" I want to get out my pink marker and start making corrections.

I am on a mission to help authors create clean, correct, and professional content. 


While gaining my BFA in Creative Writing, I edited my peers' work as part of each writing class. It was then that I found my passion for helping writers make their words shine.


As a writer I know the pain and fear of handing your "baby" over to someone else. I make corrections and offer notes with this always in mind.    


Whether you write every day or occasionally (like me) I help you with the final step before publishing: proofreading.


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Proofreading is more than just fixing commas.

And your content is more than just words on a page.


As a writer, I know how important it is for your content to be free of those pesky errors that drive your readers away

(causing you to lose credibility).

Proofreading is the last step before publishing.

It includes correcting spelling, grammar,

syntax, punctuation, and formatting.


I take care to preserve your words

(your voice) while cleaning up your content.


While proofreading I also do light copyediting. 

Whenever I come across a word, phrase, or theme

that needs tweaking, I'll leave you a comment.

Then you can think about my take on your words

and change them to fit your style and voice. 



Callie is helping me write my first book. She is dedicated to the craft of writing. She does more than edit, she can help bring your work to life through her expertise. She is a great asset to any beginning writer!

-Alicia Mickelson

As a published author I have used different editors to assist me with my projects. Some understood the technical aspects of their job but did not understand my outcome or my audience. I actually had one editor who was very condescending. So, when I asked Callie to help me I was very cautious. But wow! I was blown away by not only her technical skills but she asked a lot of questions and intuitively knew what I was trying to accomplish. She is now my #1 editor. I will use her for all of my projects from now on.

-David "Doc" Adams

Callie is amazing! She asked probing questions to help me convey my message. I appreciate her help. I have been looking for an editor for quite some time. I am so happy I found her.

-Chappel Billings



  • Short Stories or any other short project under 5,000 words:

    • $20 up to 1,000 words 

    • $.02 per word after the first 1,000

  • Novels/Memoirs/Self-Help/Nonfiction (5,000 words and up):

    • $2 per page (250 words = 1 page)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the changes you make?

  I typically work in two formats: PDF or a Word document.
  When you send me your work in a PDF I can't correct anything. I can only make notes in the margins for you to see and make the corrections on your own.
  Some people prefer this method, although as with any stage of the writing/editing process, further mistakes can be made. This method also takes longer to proofread, so please keep that in mind.
  When I work in Word, I use Track Changes. This handy tool allows me to make the needed corrections. And it shows you every single change I make. 
  So, when you open the document you will see each and every correction and you get to either ✔️accept it or ❌ delete it. I can leave you notes along the way as well. 

Do you change my words or voice?

  You've spent ages tweaking and rewording each sentence, paragraph, and chapter. Now you're handing your precious "baby" over to someone you may not even know that well.


  I understand your fears. I've handed my work over countless times, sometimes to people I didn't really care for (thank you, college writing classes) so I know what you're going through.

  When I proofread, I fix misspellings, incorrect grammar and punctuation, inconsistencies, and any other industry error I come across.

  Sometimes that means changing a word, but only if it is incorrect: if you previously called a person the "president" but later refer to them as the "mayor." Or if you switch tenses  accidentally.

  As for voice, no, I don't change anything that would affect your voice. Mostly because I am not you, I can't replicate your voice, so I don't even try.

  When longer changes are needed, I simply write you a note with my concerns or thoughts about the word choice, sentence structure, or paragraph overall. That way you can fix it using your own voice. Sometimes I give sample sentences in my notes to give you guidance or to better explain what I am pointing out.

Why do I need a proofreader?

  You write the first draft.

  You, hopefully, let it rest for a while before going back to it.

  Finally, after a few months or more, you take it out and read it, making notes/edits along the way.

  You make the changes.

  You read it again, making more changes.

  If you're anything like me, you'll go through this process several times before even thinking about showing it to another human being.

  And what happens through all of those read throughs?

  Your brain reads what SHOULD be written not what IS written, especially when it comes to those small, pesky errors.

  (If you've been working with an editor throughout the process, even they will read what should be there instead of what is there.)

  Only a fresh pair of eyes can catch those mistakes.

  That's what a proofreader is for: to read through your manuscript, searching for those errors you just can't see in your own writing.

  But guess what . . . your readers will absolutely see them!

  And errors can discredit you. 😳

  That's why you need a proofreader.

Do you edit as well?

  Let's talk about editing.

  There are different types of editors.

  1) A Developmental Editor (sometimes called a Structural Editor) is someone who looks at the “big picture” of your story.

  2) A Line Editor (sometimes called a Stylistic Editor) focuses on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader.

  3) A Copy Editor is someone who focuses on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  And then the proofreader makes the final checks before a manuscript is published.

  So, do I edit?

  Yes, I copyedit as I proofread.

  I also do a little bit of line editing if I feel the need to do so. 😉

  I just can't help it. I want your work of art to shine!


Contact Me

Every project is unique, so please contact me for a free quote specifically tailored

to your needs.

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Author Resources and Books 

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Writing Bytes


  Writing Bytes is a creative content strategist and creator who loves working on things such as:

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  • Marketing pieces

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  Outsourcing your content “to-do” list lets you do more of the things YOU love, like having lunch with your family, or catching up on the recent Game of Thrones episode.

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  Elite warriors of the Techno-Magi division, Aezabeth and her warhorse, Franc, were created for total domination on the battlefield. A fusion of innate magical ability and forced experimentation, they were joined so closely that even their thoughts could not be hidden from one another. 

  After a spiteful act of betrayal, they were robbed of mission, rank, brothers-in-arms, and the very country that turned them into war machines. Their life's purpose, stripped overnight.

  Trained to believe that fulfillment could only be found in battle, now, with nothing but each other, they must decide how to move forward: leave it all behind, or seek revenge for what was done to them.

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Ines |  Book Formatter


  Ines helps self-published authors format their books for both print & eBook. She has a professional background & education in Publishing and her purpose is to ensure your manuscript will be formatted to represent your creative vision, while also matching specific publishing standards.

 Working with a book formatter is for you if:

  • You need someone else to handle all the printer’s custom specifications.

  • You’re tired of stressing and having to figure out everything on your own.

  • You just want the interior of your book to look good without feeling like the process is a nightmare.

  • You’d rather outsource the formatting and spend that time + energy on marketing your book.

  Feel free to ask me to put you in touch directly with Ines or visit her website for more info.