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Proof Corrections
by Callie

Your Christian Proofreader

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Hello! I'm Callie Walker. 


A redheaded woman with glasses and a flowery blazer in front of shrubbery.

I abhor misspelled words and bad grammar. When "their" is used instead of "there," I want to get out my pink pen and start making corrections.


I'm on a mission to help Christian authors create polished manuscripts.


I believe that God laid this story on your heart, and I want your readers to see your heart, not the errors. 

Whether you write overt Christian material or not, if your manuscript's content is clean, I can help you polish it up during the last stage of publishing.

As a Christian woman, I am an ideal candidate to proofread your Christian-based manuscript because I can catch certain errors a non-Christian person might overlook.


And, as a writer, I know the pain and fear of handing your "baby" over to someone else. I always make corrections and offer comments with this in mind.    


"Proof Corrections By Callie" in a circle with proofreaders marks to correct errors

Clients Have Said . . . 

Callie Walker edited my book Keep Smiling, which is a story about my experiences in Vietnam. She did a fabulous job on many of the traditional editing tasks. But what really astonished me was that she would catch Vietnamese names that I had used at the beginning of the book and noted that I had different diacritics for that same name later in the book. It demonstrated a remarkably detailed eye for reviewing my work.

I highly recommend Callie for your proofreading work. 

Richard McCombs 
Keep Smiling

As a retired academic, I knew that the key to self-publishing would be finding an accurate proofreader with excellent communication skills. I looked into several dozen proofreading services. I initially chose Callie Walker because of her experience with Christian and self-help books. She turned out to be the perfect person for my writing project. Her thoroughness and attention to detail surpassed the proofreading done in academic publishing of books and journal articles. She was also clearly experienced at recognizing the different amounts of light editing authors require. As a bonus, she worked faster and charged less than did all of the other services I had considered! She even included a second reading in her price! The best thing about her service is that I knew I could trust her right from the start. I will use her proofreading on all of my future writing projects.

A Retired Academic 

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